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We are out to serve clients with the best purity of products and get other companies that use our raw materials with the best prices that will make them boost up their production and double their output. Here we based our focus on customer satisfaction and we also expect customers to have that confidence of getting us with our request. Our main payment method we accept is BITCOIN. From our name you will you would understand why we accept bitcoin. This is the most discreet lab in you will find around and you will have to trust us with your resources in order for us to get you with the products we have and at the stunning rates we offer them to clients.
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Distribution Pattern

We have untraceable services



We have a 30days money back policy.



Be brief and straight forward. LiveChat assistant and WhatsApp Available



Main payment is via bitcoin. Bank transfers can be accepted depending on where you are ordering from

Chemicals for greater efficiency of your production
With our long time of serving client since from when we started, we discovered clients will a more comfortable space to do business in rather than a place where so much protocol is settled on to order for what you a putting your own cash in. This is why we’ve tried as much as possible to develop a very distinct customer service where clients can ask any questions they’ve had in mind. But also bare in mind not all questions will be answered instantly due to the fact that our customer service assistants are more of marketers rather than lab technicians. So for very sensitive questions you will have to exercise some patience.
How to trade with our lab

Choose your products

All you have to do is make a choice with the products you have in mind to purchase and add to your cart.


How to complete your order

After choosing the products and the quantity by adding your carts, proceed to checkout and fill in the shipping information requested at the checkout page



We have just have just bitcoin and bank transfer as methods of payment. If you choose bitcoin then you request from our live chat assistant our bitcoin address. For those of bank transfers we wish to let you know we have specific countries that we accept bank transfers from.



Make sure you put the right delivery address on the checkout request cause we are not going to be responsible for any missing funds. Make sure you copy and paste the bitcoin address cause missing funds will not be our responsibility.

That’s why we follow the normal business policies of accepting payments in different installments. This policy is only for companies that do purchases in huge quantities. Contact liveChat assistant for installment procedures.

Reliable Delivery

We assure our customers of a very reliable delivery policy. Here we make the deliveries as discreet as the products come to you here by covering all traces of the purchase

Encrypted payment

Here we assure our clients of a maximum encrypted payment policy if the choose the bitcoin so it is discreet on both ways.

Customer information protection

We assure our clients their information will be kept as part of our company secrets. All the information put in for delivery purposes will be kept stealth

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